Contact a health care professional and arrange to conduct an interview.

Contact a health care professional and arrange to conduct an interview. Use the interview to understand the ethical perspective of the health care professional regarding the following:
1.How does the health care professional define ethical challenges?
2.How does the health care professional handle ethical challenges?

Write a 1,250-1,500 word paper based on the interview in which you address the following:


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1.Explain the application of ethics in the health care environment of the interviewee.

From the discussion with the nurse practitioner, it was evident that almost all scenarios involving healthcare provision require the application of the pillars of ethical decision making in healthcare. The interviewee responded by arguing that ethics is one the most significant consideration for successful careers in nursing..

2.Compare and contrast the interviewee’s answers with what you have learned in this course.

In most part, the findings reflect many of the aspects that were identified in the course learning materials. The discussion of the four main pillars of ethical healthcare provision was evident in the discussion with the interview. While the classroom content helped me to learn the definition and possible applications through examples, the interview has provided practical ideas on how these concepts are applied…

3.Include additional resources that support, reinforce, or even challenge your findings and observations.

While the course materials provided ample examples of how to handle ethical concerns, having the interview showed some other components that were not sufficiently covered in the course. For instance, the discussion about the conflict of interest as one way in which healthcare institutions face ethical dilemmas was a…


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