Present a company and describe at least 1 way that they are managing their risks.

After reading this week’s material, answer the following questions in the Forum (In 250 words or more):

The focus of this week’s reading is risk management. If a company is to be successful, risk management should be a big part of their every day operations. This week, I would like you to present a company and describe at least 1 way that they are managing their risks. You can choose to use the company that you presently work for, but please make sure that you have enough information to fully explain their processes. While you are not required to formally cite your sources within the forum, you should make sure that you are incorporating information from the readings into your responses.


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Risk management is a major activity of organizational management that ensures that the organization becomes successful in its businesses activities. Therefore, risk management refers to the process by which a company identifies, assesses, and controls uncertainty to its investment and earnings. The risks stem from various sources which range from financial, legal, technological, natural disasters, security or data-related issues. Dell is one of the companies that employ various risk management strategies to manage their business risks. The main techniques applied by the company include acceptance and mitigation. Technology risk is one of the risk areas where Dell Company employs risk acceptance technique to manage it. Dell being a computer and information technology company, it is exposed to the risk of technology…


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