Motivate the employees

Assignment 1:

Throughout the first two weeks, you have read about the importance of motivating employees within a company as well as how this is an economically wise decision. The first step in this project is to come up with your idea as to how you are going to motivate the employees within the company. I want you to explain the idea, and present research to support the importance of motivation (how it benefits both the company and the employee) as well as support for your idea specifically.


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With the continued competitive world of business and desire for productivity in both public and private organizations, it is almost obvious that matters central to the needs of employees are adhered to. Research indicates that many organizations tend to lay emphasis on the needs of customers and assume that it is automatic that employees will adhere to the goals and aspirations of the company. The fact however is that employees need various forms of motivation in order to xxx towards achieving xxx goals. Employee xxx can be said to be an xxx factor which xxx organization xxx to hold xxx as will be shown in this essay.

Importance of motivating employees and why it is an economically wise decision Motivation can be defined as coming up with strategies can stimulate and inspire employees with the goal of xxx they undertake their xxx to the best of their ability. It can xxx be said to be a xxx way of ensuring that such xxx automatically xxx their willingness to xxx an extra xxx because of outside forces/ xxx mechanisms. First and foremost, motivation…


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