MAN 4741, Discussion 3

People’s previous experiences of change provide them with a “script” – a set of assumptions/beliefs as to what happens in a situation of organizational change. Based on your previous experiences of organizational change, what are your expectations in terms of what events/actions/outcomes usually follow the announcement of a program of change in an organization?



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Response Peer 1

The author starts by agreeing to the fact that many things can happen in the process of change in an organization. Based on the author’s experience, one aspect that one is likely to face while seeking to implement change is the resistance to change within the company. Often, the actions of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | employees don’t match what they say in the change initiative. The peer goes ahead to clearly outline some of the strategies that managers can employ in their quest to ensure the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | change initiative is achieved with minimal opposition. Although the strategies employed by different managers may be the same, the manner in | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | they are implemented determines how effective the desire change will be.

In my assessment, the peer has properly responded to all the aspects required in the discussion question with proper citation that supports the discussion. Besides, there is a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | flow of ideas that makes it easy for anyone to understand the specific points of issues provided in the discussion response.


Response Peer 2

Just like was the case for the first peer, Peer 2 starts by outlining the possible obstacles that a person may encounter in their quest to implement change in an | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | . The peer provides a personal account of some of the obstacles being witnessed in the change implementation drive in the company. The personal experience demonstrates the author’s in-depth understanding of what the discussion question required. I find the response well articulated as per what was expected in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | . Other than the personal account that demonstrate the author’s understanding, the citation shows that the response is embedded in research as is expected. Generally, the response is clear and shows that the author understood all the requirements in the discussion question.


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