Leadership and Management

Purpose of this Exercise:

The purpose of this exercise is to make you analyze the concept of Leadership and managementby taking example from the real-life situations.


Consider yourself as you have joined a workplace two years ago, that is based on leadership and management roles. You had gone through the interview procedure. After the completion of preliminary interviews-based rounds you were selected and appointed for certain project management roles. During your two years of Service, you have met various employees ranging from managers, director, and other staff members. You have also met with the CEO of the company during some meeting sessions.

Task: Part 1: Choose a company of your choice where you were appointed based on the above-mentioned criteria. Elaborate the leadership styles adopted by that company to conduct the interview process.

Part 2: Discuss about what do you think about the formal leadership styles that are followed by the company? Give your viewpoints.

Part 3: After the Covid 19 Pandemic, do you think that the leadership styles should be transformed? State the reason for your choice. Explain with the help of example.