Identify the unique purpose of nursing that is NOT performed by any other profession.

Identify the unique purpose of nursing that is NOT performed by any other profession. What do nurses do that no other profession or discipline is dedicated to perform? Identify this concept and link it to a concept in any theoretical framework.


The Unique Nature of Nursing


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While nursing may be a profession like any other in regards to the aspects of business and handling of customers. However, there is one characteristic that makes the nursing profession unique to other industries (Barrett, 2017). The nursing profession focuses on ensuring that their patients are well taken care of by promoting health, preventing injury and disease, and alleviating any pain and suffering the patient may be experiencing.

Individuals in the nursing profession are dedicated to advocating for and ensuring that not only their patients are protected, but they also take care of the family and community needs as well. This is xxx in the xxx the xxx ensure that the xxx is well informed of the different diseases and injuries that xxx be plaguing xxx(Barrett, 2017). Secondly, xxx are at the xxx of ensuring that xxx patients xxx the community at xxx are in apposition to xxx that they stay healthy and utterly holistic by providing the necessary information and techniques required by the affected individuals. Lastly, xxx are in a xxx to offer all these xxx while focusing xxx the patient’s needs, beliefs, and values, xxx ensuring that xxx solution or treatments provided are practical to their patients and families. The xxx role in nursing is xxx in the xxx framework of the xxx. Addressing the needs of the patient is one of


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