HOMEWORK HELP | Respond to the following questions concerning the identified disparities to health within the Healthy People 2020:

Respond to the following questions concerning the identified disparities to health within the Healthy People 2020:

Are there tools to help identify these gaps in care?
If you could develop a screening tool to address a barrier to healthcare, what would it look like?
Who would administer this and what resources would you need to coordinate with to solve this problem?
Is this feasible for a clinic setting? Why or why not?


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Good health is an important tool towards the economic and social development of any society. When people are healthy, they are more productive and can hence engage in nation-building. Consequently, many measures have been put in place to advocate for a healthy society. The establishment of Healthy people 2020 is one such initiative. The Federal government established the plan to develop a healthier nation. One of the primary mandates of the healthy people 2020 is to assess the existing health disparities among the US population (Jongen, McCalman & Bainbridge, 2018). The program achieves this by tracking illness rates, death cases, and chronic conditions across demographic factors. By responding to different questions in this task, the feasibility of the program will be explored.

Whether there are tools to identify gaps in care

Healthy people 2020 recommends assessing health disparities based on race and ethnic affiliation, gender, and sexual identity/orientation. A healthy disparity tool is used to summarize the existing health disparities over a given time frame and for a specific population and using the available data. There is a disparities details page which outlines the disparities overview for a given year or time. Furthermore, the details page gives a clear comparison based on population groups such as race, sex and age for the given latest data | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | display page also shows a bar chart and a table with possible rates, standard errors, rate ratios, and confidence intervals.

How the screening tool that can address a barrier to healthcare would look like

A Screening tool is a checklist used to assess a patient to establish timely remedial measures. If I were to develop a screening tool to evaluate healthcare barriers, I would design one for cultural competence, which is an essential enabler to delivering quality care in multiple healthcare settings. The reason for establishing this screening tool is that cultural sensitivity is essential in providing quality care. When healthcare providers are not culturally sensitive, they may not fully understand and respond to patients’ healthcare | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com |will capture the competency level in different languages, religious differences in healthcare settings, and how to respond to them. It will also consider ethical practices such as how to communicate with patients, understand the do’s and don’ts of different cultural settings when providing care, and handle patients of different gender in various cultural settings, among other considerations.

Who would administer and the resources needed?

Administering a cultural competency screening tool can be done by any senior member of the healthcare team—for instance, the nurse leader or the hospital’s management | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | management staff could be better positioned to provide the tool as they have the command, and the capacity to undertake training in the event resources are needed. For instance, for the healthcare providers who prove to be culturally competent, financial resources that can facilitate training will be | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com |


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