HOMEWORK HELP | Identify the 4 functions of the kidneys.

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Identify the 4 functions of the kidneys. Within your answer, discuss how the processes of excretion and reabsorption occur and the substances involved.


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Renal System

Functions of the Kidney

Kidneys are among the most crucial organs in the body. When kidneys fail to work properly, it may lead to serious health problems or even death. One of the most significant roles of the kidneys is to maintain homeostasis (Lumen, n.d.). Homeostasis is the process that maintains the internal stability of living organisms despite external changes. In other words, it helps in managing levels of the fluid, balance of the electrolytes, among other things that maintain the balance of the internal environment of the body. The main functions of the kidneys include:

Remove Nitrogenous Wastes

Kidneys work the same way that filters do to expel excess fluid from the body. The kidneys sieve approximately 200 quarts of blood every day to generate 1 to 2 quarts of urine containing excess fluid and wastes.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Kidneys control the body’s blood pressure by creating changes in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | kidneys release the vasoconstrictor hormone that narrows blood vessels, thereby increasing the absorption rate of sodium chloride (Lumen. n.d.). This process raises the extracellular fluid compartments raising the blood pressure.

Active Compounds Secretion The kidneys secrete the erythropoietin hormone that instructs the bone marrow to create red blood cells. They also produce renin, which…


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