HOMEWORK HELP | How does Healthy People 2020 address culture and spirituality considerations?

How does Healthy People 2020 address culture and spirituality considerations?
Select at least one topic or objective from Healthy People 2020 that is of interest to you. Summarize key points of the topic or objective and discuss how this topic will affect patient care and its significance to the advanced nursing role and/or practice.



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Healthy People 2020 is dedicated to improving the health of all people regardless of their cultural or religious affiliation. To emphasize on this, one of its overarching goals is targeted at attaining equity in health, eliminate disparities, and boost the health of all groups. Under this goal is the aspect of social determinants of health, in which culture and spirituality are part. It is recognized that dealing with the social determinants of health is a basic strategy towards the achievement of health equity. Healthy People 2020 takes people’s culture and spirituality by encouraging the provision of cultural and religious competence in healthcare (Koh et al., 2014).

Among the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to enhance access to comprehensive, quality health services (Healthy People 2020, n.d). It is recognized as a basic requirement in the promotion and maintenance of health, prevention and management of diseases, reduction of unwarranted disability and premature deaths. Access to competent and quality healthcare services is attainable by making healthcare affordable, geographically accessible, and finding competent healthcare professionals.

Access to healthcare covers three components: coverage, services, and timeliness (Healthy People 2020, n.d). Health insurance coverage helps patients access healthcare without having to worry about the cost of care. Services concern the availability of a source of care or facility where people regularly | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | of primary care providers is particularly important as they can establish meaningful and sustained relationships with patients and assure | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | important under services is the use of evidence-based preventive services and the availability of emergency medical | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | concerns the ability of the healthcare system to avail care promptly when a need arises and avoidance of unnecessary delays.

Improved access to quality healthcare will help to improve the general health outcomes | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | making coverage affordable, people are more likely to get medical attention as soon as they are unwell and premature deaths from preventable diseases are likely to be | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | healthcare is significant to the advanced nursing role as it is the primary role of a nurse practitioner to make quality services available to patients.


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