HOMEWORK HELP | A brief analysis of a public policy problem in the United States.

A brief analysis of a public policy problem in the United States. Then explain the influence of internal and external stakeholders on the formation of a policy agenda. Select two internal and two external stakeholders that you think are most relevant to getting the problem you selected on the agenda and explain why.



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There have been a number public policy issues for debate in the United States, most of which relate to foreign affairs and national security, social welfare, health, environment, economic affairs, culture and society, government operations, education, and criminal justice. However, education is one of the most significant public policy issues in the United States. Part of the problem arise from the accessibility and affordability of quality education (Anderson, 2015). For instance, classrooms are overcrowded in most schools, and teaching materials/resources are in short supply. Many parents and students preparing for college also find themselves weighing between the potential benefits and the cost of college education. In addition, tuition fee and student loan debt continue to rise while wages for college-educated individuals decline.

            Formation of a policy agenda requires commitment and it can be initiated by a person tasked to organize and govern a given sector. A common consensus and mutual understanding are critical to help the parties involved understand things to consider as rules or regulations (Bardach & Patashnik, 2016). Problems related to education requires innovative policies and be part of the public policy agenda because the access to education is a right but not a privilege. This civil right was established after the Civil War and further solidified with the successful passing of the Higher Education Act in 1964 (Anderson, 2015). The internal and external stakeholders likely to individually or collectively influence the policy agenda on education include students, teachers, vendors and suppliers, parents, accrediting agencies, donors, government, and academic faculty | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | state and federal governments has a responsibility to support the accessibility of affordable and quality education. Education gives people opportunities to support and contribute positively to the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | stakeholders can influence this policy by funding research that reveals disparities that necessitates changes in the education sector. Two relevant external stakeholders are the US Secretary of Education, who advises and executes legislation on the policy of education, and the Department of Education which is a federal agency that funds research and contributes to the education | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | of Education provides loans and is responsible for the accessibility of higher education. If this department…


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