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FreshDirect is an online-only grocery home delivery service. I have attached a brief outline of the services and background provided by FreshDirect. This contains some important information about how FreshDirect classifies its loyal customers.

Then, consider the dataset(see attachment). You are given a complete set of data with descriptions. After you have reviewed this data, consider the questions from the CFO and COO. Recall that you will need to submit a one-page memo to each. A third question from the CEO follows(one page).


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  1. CFO – (responsible for driving sales growth): Our sales are down and we need to make more money! I am willing to invest in marketing campaigns with a couple of targeted customer populations, but am not sure how many customer segments and/or which customer segments I should select to provide the best chance at increasing our sales. Which customer segments should we select and why?
  2. COO – (responsible for optimizing deliver infrastructure): We have a limited number of deliveries that we can make each day and I would like to understand where we should be focusing our efforts by better understanding our customers. For example, if there are certain areas in our delivery zone where a lot of our customers are located, perhaps we could come up with new delivery techniques to increase our capacity for deliveries in those zones without a lot of investment. Can you help me better understand how our customers are segmented geographically so that we can better utilize our delivery infrastructure?
  3. CEO – (head of the organization asked for a Summary of analyses and key findings form both aforementioned memorandums): Finally, the CEO has heard that you are doing some great work and would like a summary of the analytics you are putting together for the CFO and COO. Please provide in 300 words a brief summary of your analysis and key findings for the CEO


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