Expository essay

In order to prepare for this Assignment, read about the decision-making steps and carefully review Cialdini’s “Six Principles of Persuasion” in Chapter 2 of Rogers (2015) located in your reading area. Then complete the learning activity concerning critical thinking.

Read the scenario and respond to the checklist items in an expository essay.


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As the lead recruiter at an office in Des Moines, Iowa, you have been tasked with the responsibility of preparing a written training report in which you will address a recruiting challenge faced by your new recruiting team members. Many of the young recruiters who report to you are not sure how to go about recruiting. In many cases, the recruiters are working with young people who want to join the military, but they still have many reservations. Therefore, you are currently working on preparing an expository essay/report of 300 words for your superior officer in which you will focus on this recruiting challenge by addressing all of the following checklist items:


Identify the current recruiting challenge you will be focusing on and explain why it is especially relevant to your recruiting team.
Name and describe at least 3 of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion that would apply to this situation, making sure to directly quote or paraphrase Cialdini’s discussion of each principle including in-text citations and accompanying reference page using APA format and citation style.
Explain how your recruiting team might make use of the chosen 3 Cialdini principles of persuasion as they focus on addressing young potential candidates concerns.


The quality of our military is dependent on the quality of the recruitment process from the outset. There are growing concerns the state of Iowa is failing to meet the required competencies regarding enlistment to join the military. The challenge has been to do with the recruitment team that is comprised of young and inexperienced recruiters. This makes them unsure of what exactly is required of the recruits to fit the bar to join the military. Of particular interest is the tendency of the team to recruit candidates who do not pass the required physical fitness test. To overcome this challenge, the recruitment team needs to undergo rigorous training to equip them with relevant skills…


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