Evidence-Based Practice Proposal – Section F: Evaluation of Process

In 600 words, develop an evaluation plan to be included in your final evidence-based practice project. Provide the following criteria in the evaluation, making sure it is comprehensive and concise:

Describe the rationale for the methods used in collecting the outcome data.


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The goal, process and outcome-based approaches are the main methods that will be applied in data collection for the evaluation process to be effective. The goal-based approach will help determine if the target of the organization which is embracing the use of Ryanodex over Dantrolene has been achieved. Process-based approach, on the other hand, will help determine if the implementation process proceeded as planned. For instance, the education program to educate the clinicians about handling Ryanodex when dealing with Malignant Hyperthermia should take two months according to the implementation plan, where one month will involve…

Describe the ways in which the outcome measures evaluate the extent to which the project objectives are achieved.

Outcome measures are essential tools of project evaluation since they help the organisation understand how the decisions made contributed towards the success or failure in meeting the project objectives.  In this case, the outcome measures assess the progress in achieving the project goals through presenting tests to the clinicians about the education program that intended to teach on the best procedures to apply Ryanodex in handling Malignant Hyperthermia. The …

Describe how the outcomes will be measured and evaluated based on the evidence. Address validity, reliability, and applicability.

Describe strategies to take if outcomes do not provide positive results.

Describe implications for practice and future research.


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