Choose one of the following three policies related to health care reform that influences the economy:

Choose one of the following three policies related to health care reform that influences the economy:
1.Individual Mandate
2.Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments to Insurers
3.Meaningful Use—Electronic Health Records(EHRs), HITECH Act)

Write a paper of 1,250 words that analyzes the chosen policy. Include the following in your paper:


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1.Summarize how key elements of health care reform impact the economy on a macro level.

Healthcare reforms refer to practices of processes targeted at changing the system, as well as how they work in improving the healthcare quality. These policies and changes are made by the government to the delivery system of healthcare, at any given time. Some of the…

2.Research the governmental policy process that was involved with the development, implementation, and assessment of the chosen policy. Explain how the governmental policy process affected the way the policy was developed, implemented, and assessed.

The U.S. healthcare system is very expensive around the world. The healthcare system comprise both private and public institutions. The private organizations are made up of insurance specialists and institutions covering the medical expenses of individuals but are expensive for most of the citizens in the…

3.Explain how the policy proposal you selected may impact three major stakeholders within the health care system (e.g., consumers, insurers, hospital systems).

The policy has a significant effect on hospital systems, consumers and insurers. To begin with, the policy costs are beneficial, especially to those consumers from low-economy families, more so when they are unable to afford premium insurance (McKenna et al., 2018). With this policy, they can access….


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