Benchmark – Part B: Literature Review

In Part A, you described the population and quality initiative related to your PICOT (Population/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time to achieve the outcome) statement. In this assignment, you will formalize your PICOT and research process.
In a paper of 1500 words, synthesize the research into a literature review. The literature review should provide an overview for the reader that illustrates the research related to your particular PICOT. Include the following:
Introduction: Describe the clinical issue or problem you are addressing.

Methods: Describe the criteria you used in choosing your articles


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Synthesize the Literature:

Part A: Discuss the main components of each article (subjects, methods, key findings) and provide rationale for how this supports your PICOT;

Part B: Compare and contrast the articles: Discuss limitations, controversies, and similarities/differences of the studies.

Areas of Further Study: Analyze the evidence presented in your articles to identify what is known, unknown, and requires further study.


The process of general anesthesia is very critical especially for very young susceptible patients. One of the conditions that make the administration of anesthesia very critical is malignant hyperthermia. The sensitivity of this condition is even more when it comes to surgical care settings since the patient is not admitted for further monitoring like is the case in other care settings. Some of the symptoms of malignant hyperthermia include high fever, increased heart rate, and muscle rigidity. The susceptibility of the condition can be as result of genetic mutation making it an inherited disorder. Most of these susceptible patients may easily succumb in the process of undergoing anesthesia since they may not be easily resuscitated.  Therefore, there has to be an effective medication for timely response in such ambulatory surgical settings. For a very long time, Dantrolene has been used as the medication of choice when it comes to MH. However, this paper seeks to emphasize the importance of Ryanodex as compared to Dantrolene especially in ambulatory care settings. The comparative study has previously been brought out through a PICOT question with the population being susceptible young patients, the expected outcome being effective control…


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