Benchmark – Part A: Population Health Research and PICOT Statement

Write a 1,000-word paper that analyzes your research and focuses on the population you have chosen.

Describe the population’s demographics and health concerns, and explain how nursing science, health determinants, and epidemiologic, genomic, and genetic data may impact population health management for the selected population.


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Provide an overview of a potential solution for solving the health issue related to your population and the intended PICOT statement.

Describe how the solution incorporates health policies and goals that support health care equity for the population of focus.


Population Health Research and PICOT Statement

Malignant hyperthermia is an inherited xxx that is life threatening and is triggered by drugs which are administered during general anesthesia. A person experiencing malignant hyperthermia would have xxx such as a drastic increase in body temperature as well as muscle xxx that could be very severe (Greig & Jones, 2013). Susceptible patients may succumb as they undergo surgery since they cannot be easily resuscitated. The situation is particularly critical in ambulatory care settings. It calls for proper medication to ensure that the xxx patients respond not only positively but also in time.

 The most common xxx used for this purpose are Ryanodex and Dantrolene. This essay seeks to xxx to a PICOT question that xxx the effectiveness of Rynadex over Dantrolene based on critical literature review. The paper will show that Rynadex though expensive, it always presents more favorable xxx in ambulatory care settings.

PICOT Question

P: Population –  Susceptible young patients

I: Intervention – Administering of Ryanodex

C: Comparison – Use of Ryanodex in comparison to Dentrolene in Ambulatory surgical setting

O: Outcome- Effective control of Malignant Hyperthermia

T: Time – preoperative and recovery time.”

Literature Review There are many documented advantages of Ryanodex versus Dantrolene depending on the age of the susceptible xxx First, Benson (2016) indicates that Ryanodex uses xxx less volumes of sterile water during injection hence less periods…


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