Based on your own experience, what is the most serious weakness in the performance review process?

There are advantages and disadvantages with evaluation tools, depending upon what is being measured and how the tools are implemented. Sometimes, the weakness in a performance evaluation process can be remedied by selecting a more suitable tool, to address the criteria being measured. However, even the most appropriate tool will render less-than-best results, if not properly utilized. Read the information at the links below before responding to the discussion question this week.

Interesting insight into performance reviews:


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Another one:

Interesting Article: Get Rid Of Performance Reviews? Sure, But What Do You Replace Them With?

Based on your own experience, what is the most serious weakness in the performance review process? How can it be changed?


 Performance review process is utilized as a tool that helps to determine how effective an employee accomplishes the required goals and develops their skills. The process aims at improving the performance of workforce by identifying the training needs for those who don’t meet the required objectives. However, Esfahani, Abzari, and Dezianian (2014) demonstrate that performance review processes have some severe weaknesses that tend to diminish an organization’s productivity. For instance, the main flaw in the performance review process is having a limited perception of an employee. Mostly, employee’s assessment is subject to being underestimated or overestimated, which result in misleading outcomes. Most organizations continue to use traditional process reviews, which involve only the management’s assessments of the employee’s performance. However, most xxx do not observe their xxx while performing their xxx. In other xxx, managers tend to depend on xxx beliefs on xxx reasons for xxx results or xxx, which influence their judgments. Most xxx tend to make xxx that led to a given xxx and later use it as a basis for process review. Organizations should overcome reviewing an employee’s behavior and productivity using traditional tools and methods. It….


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