ASSIGNMENT | Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (Kokoro part 2)

Discuss how family relations define or affect conceptions of identity in this passage. It may be helpful to pay particular attention to the way the narrator communicates with his own family, or the way that the narrator has two father figures and how he feels about them.



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Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (Kokoro Part 2)

            In contemporary society, various concepts of identity are evident such as gender, age, social class, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race, age and disability, religion, and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a major role in the determination of how people understand and experience the world, as well as how they relate with others and shaping various opportunities and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |. In this case, it is PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that the father is concerned with the narrator’s strides in life, and one of them is his progress in school, especially his PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | other hand, is also concerned with his father’s lack of progress on his health status, which shows the family’s close relations. The narrator’s mother was surprisingly unconcerned but optimistic. The narrator’s family is PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and happy for their son’s (the narrator) acquisition of a university degree, which shows how impactful their relations have on one concept of identity, which is advancement in PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a university degree as a trivial thing, and he wished their parents were like Sensei as his friend was unconcerned with such achievements. As much as family relations are healthy for people, their different perceptions of life, and what is considered as important varies (Soseki and McClellan 3). For instance…


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