ASSIGNMENT HELP | Your Role and the Organization

Case Overview
Your Role and the Organization
You are the Vice President of Human Resources for a professional baseball team that competes in a league with
30 franchises across 25 cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Each team operates as an independent
business but is governed by a central league office. The league is highly competitive and teams battle over
many of the same resources including personnel, media attention, some marketing revenues, and, at times, a
shared customer base. While franchises compete against one another, there is centralized cooperation to ensure
competitive balance. The average annual revenue per franchise has risen consistently for each of the past 15
years and now averages $150 million per franchise per year.



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The competitive season runs from April through September, culminating with a championship in October for
those teams reaching the playoffs. While the franchises are extremely busy during the competitive season, there
is also plenty of work to be done between November and March. Thus, the industry operates on a 12-month
cycle. The organizational structure for on-field personnel is consistent across franchises, but it varies by team
in the staff functions. As a note, generally, franchises employ between 125–300 staff, excluding on-field

The Request
On August 2, your team’s board chair calls you to a confidential meeting and informs you that the president will
be retiring at the end of the season. This is the first time you have heard about a change at the presidential level.
Approximately six franchises (20%) replace their president each year, so while this is not an uncommon
occurrence it is a critical change within the organization.
Side Note: Considerations while Selecting a President
Similar to other strategic HR initiatives, it is important to have a game plan when
Preparing recommendations for recruiting and selecting a new franchise president.

As part of that plan, you must:
• Collect data.
• Understand the job.
• Identify the competitive advantages gained through the job.
Your Assignment
The chair asks you to develop a recruitment proposal to replace the president. To respond to the request,
your group will have to:
• Create a job description
• Create a positon advertisement
• Where would you advertise, LIST the advertisement sites, what outside publications would you use
• How would you make sure that you have a diversified candidates pool? Explain your rationale
• Would you screen the applications and resumes in house or use a third company? Explain your answer
• Include the instructions you would provide the hiring committee
• How would you communicate the decision to the candidates (the ones who are rejected and the ones
who are selected for an interview)? Explain your rationale and include a sample of each letter
• Include your interview questions and final interview questions in your paper
• Would you hold one or more interviews and what interview techniques would you use (nondirective,
structured interview, situational interview or behavior description interview)? Explain your ra tionale
• Would you fly candidates in and in what stage of the interview process would you do that? Explain your
answer. What is your budget for that?
• What is your selection and hiring criteria, explain your rationale
• Create appropriate recommendations for the chair
• Explain your rationale for each recommendation.
• Compile a salary analysis which will include total compensation package (salary, benefits, relocation
cost if applicable, and what other perks would be included), support your analysis by attaching data
• How would you communicate the final decision? Explain your rationale
• How long is the training or transition period for the position? Support your rationale
• State your long-term goals for this position
• Answer the discussion questions in detail, restate the questions
• Your last page must be the reference page which has to be in APA format.
The recruitment proposal has to be emailed to me using my email address
Your answers to the discussion questions, should be done on a separate page, restate the questions then
your answer.
Conclude your proposal with a reference page which has to be in APA format. Make sure that you
provide credit when necessary.

Discussion Questions
Think about these questions while completing the case study exercise. Answer the questions after the exercise
and presentations.


  1. What are the main issues in the case?
  2. What laws and regulations do you have to be concerned with when it comes to interviewing and selection
    process? Explain each one in detail.
  3. Describe the information that would be most useful in forming a recommendation for this particular case.
  4. Describe possible courses of action for resolving the issues in the case, and the pros and cons of each.
  5. What creative approaches could be used to help understand the franchise president job? Which resources do
    you think would be perceived by the client as most credible in understanding the job?
  6. Think about other industries. How do presidents and CEOs in those industries help their organizations
    achieve a competitive advantage? What outcomes are different in those industries?
  7. As an internal consultant, what secondary issues might you be concerned with as you become involved in this
    Additional Information
    Teaching Notes
    This is an opportunity to discuss other steps that might be included in a strategic HR initiative. For example, the
    ADDIE model of instructional design or the Action Research model could be reviewed (please see below). One
    particular question might be whether or not – and how – an approach might vary depending on the industry.
    Project planning will be covered later in the case study. Discussion may also include how the different scenarios
    in the case might lead to different approaches.
    The ADDIE Model is a systematic process that is often used for learning initiatives, but can be adapted for other
    types of initiatives.
    A = Needs assessment – collect data to identify gaps between actual and desired performance.
    D = Program design – decide on content, goals /objectives, delivery style and implementation.
    D = Program development – create or modify materials to meet objectives.
    I = Implementation of programs – deliver programs to target audience.
    E =Evaluation – compare program results to established objectives
    Key Takeaways from HR Strategist
    To make sound recommendations for an executive succession strategy, HR professionals must:
    Collect data to build the foundation for your recommendations.
    Understand the job as it currently exists and also in terms of how it will change in the next several years (e.g.,
    internal organizational needs and external changes in the industry, demographics, society).
    Customize recommendations to fit your organization (e.g., examine the organizational mission, vision, values
    and strategies).
    Identify the competitive advantage in the executive selection strategy that is being recommended.
    Communicate as a strategic partner and relate your recommendations to the organizational strategy.


  1. Create a Job Description

The president will be the sign of unity and the vision carrier of the team. His mandate will be to demonstrate strong leadership by working with other technical team members and to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | establish both short and long term plans. His role will also entail drawing a budget plan and strategies for scouting for new talent and ensuring that the vibrancy of the team can be sustained for a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | cohesion and understanding amongst team members, the president will be the chair of meetings that need to be scheduled for predefined time frames. Furthermore, the president will ensure that every team member has a performance measure that will be reviewed from time to time to optimize on team performance and guaranteeing the set targets of the team are achieved within the set time frame (Doyle, 2018). The president must also demonstrate the ability to adapt to different environments and with the right…


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