Assignment Help: You have been charged with facilitating the launch of an interprofessional team that will work together on a number of challenging cases.

You have been charged with facilitating the launch of an interprofessional team that will work together on a number of challenging cases. The team members will come from several different areas within the organization. The team is expected to have its orientation meeting in two weeks and then work together collaboratively for the next six months. Your first task is to develop recommendations for a team charter that will help the group establish ground rules and decide who will lead the team. You also need to help the team with communication and collaboration strategies.



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This assessment has two distinct sections: Team Charter Recommendations and Communication and Collaboration Strategies. Provide thorough and detailed recommendations and support your recommendations using examples, references, and citations from your research.

For the Team Charter Recommendations:

Explain methods to establish ground rules and set expectations. How might differences in personality, expectations, and experience affect team efficiency?
Describe conflict resolution strategies for interprofessional teams.
Identify effective ways to address issues of team leadership. How will the team decide who will lead them? What happens if the team leader is ineffective?
For the Communication and Collaboration Strategies:

Describe best practices for effective interprofessional collaboration. What types of technology can be used to support collaboration?
Explain the benefits and limitations of different communication strategies such as e-mail, text, voice mail, and face-to-face. When is it appropriate to use each type of communication?
This assessment should be 3–5 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Use at least three resources to support your recommendations, and follow APA guidelines for style and format.


Creating a team to solve issues in an organization involves unifying members with different professionals and departments. The individuals automatically have their unique ways of functioning which call for the creation of a common ground for operation. Development of a team charter is therefore essential before the team is officially implemented, to define the team’s direction and establish boundaries. Construction of the charter is valid if it takes place in a group session to create understanding and physic up the members. Effective communication and collaboration strategies should also be designed to avoid confusion and overexploitation of one particular department (Howie & Allison, 2016). The team will function properly if all the members feel they are considered equal and there is no feeling of discrimination. Purposely, the paper intends to discuss the recommended team charter, communication, and collaboration strategies.

Team Charter Recommendation

A team charter should provide guidelines and create regulations to avoid violation of each other’s space-creating conflict. It should also contain conflict resolving strategies because it is impossible for individuals to work together without offending one another one point in time. In addition, the charter should clearly outline information concerning leadership (Courtright et al., 2017). The power channel should be clearly described to avoid confusion and misdirection during operation.

Ground rules are established by first creating a feeling of ownership to the laws among the team members. They must be made aware that the rules are for personal benefits and not to restrict them in their operations. Second, fostering a feeling of honesty enables the team members to open up and share what they feel should be considered while forming the rules of process (Wilson, 2016).  Discussing the importance of developing listening skills is also a significant step when creating the ground rules to allow each member of the team to give suggestions. The team also has to sit together and air their views, discuss opinions and come up with a common ground on the rules. Effective conflict resolution methods for the interprofessional teams include recognizing that people have automatic fairness perceptions. Each party to a conflict automatically think they are right and the opposite party is the offender. Therefore, the individual in charge of the resolution should ensure he gets the side of the story from the involved parties, identify the source of the problem and make sure to explain to the parties to help them understand the beginning. The team leader should also make sure there are no taking sides during the conflict resolution process (Courtright et al., 2017). Taking…


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