Assignment Help: The use of mobile and portable technology to support patients.

To prepare for this assessment, you will need to think about changes you feel are needed to address a problem either within nursing as a professional field or within the organization where you work. Narrow down your options by considering which change would best be undertaken by an interprofessional team. Some examples for you to consider might include:



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The use of mobile and portable technology to support patients.
Using evidence-based practice (EBP) to improve patient care.
Increasing patient safety and quality of care.
The use of medical technology such as genes and stem cells, or robots in the OR.
Addressing the nursing shortage now and into the future.
Improving the work environment (providing calm, supportive spaces for nurses; improved dialog between health care professionals).
Better safety for nurses at work (violence, spreading diseases, physical injury).
Substance abuse by health care professionals.
Or you can narrow the scope to an issue within your own organization:


Developing a mobility program for an inpatient unit.
Implementing “smart” technology to assist in patient monitoring.
Creating a mentoring program to attract and retain nurses.
Implementing protocols for infection control and/or treatment of an epidemic.
Developing a plan to eliminate physical violence and verbal abuse in the workplace.
Once you have selected an issue to address, look for scholarly and professional articles that focus on the problem, the needed change, and how interprofessional teams can work together to drive change.

Lately you have noticed the need for changes within your organization that would advance the field of nursing. You have decided to develop a proposal and submit it to executive leadership. Format this assessment as a professional proposal. You may want to look at how proposals are drafted within your organization and follow that format. You will still need a references page; follow APA guidelines for in-text citations and references.

Address the following in your proposal:

Briefly describe the problem and how it impacts the organization, patients, and/or the nursing profession.
Describe possible evidence-based interventions for the problem. | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |
Analyze potential barriers and resistance to change that might come from the organization, patients, and/or colleagues.
Describe strategies to overcome barriers and resistance to change.
Develop a plan to implement evidence-based interventions. What steps would you take? What resources might you need?
Identify other health care professionals to enlist as team members to help drive change in the organization.
Your completed assessment should be 4–6 pages in length, not including title page and references page. Support your statements and intervention plan with references to and citations for at least four scholarly or professional resources.
Scoring guide as well:


Driving Change and Interpersonal Relationships

Change is an inevitable process that must happen in the society because of shifts in population levels, technology, modernization, and industrialization. Organizations are pressured to change their ways of operation because of variations in customer demands, availability of resources and costs of production (Wellman, Jeffries & Hagan, 2016). Change is always created to achieve a greater good in output for the society at large.  The effectiveness of the change process determines its success or failure. The change process is more effective if it is accepted and supported by all the stakeholders. For instance, it can only create improvement in a healthcare practice if all the stakeholders including the medical practitioners, patients, and the management support the process. Procedures need to be designed to help drive the change process and convince the resisting individuals into supporting it. Purposely, this paper intends to discuss the increase in patient safety and quality care, one of the significant changes in healthcare.

Unsafe Treatment and Poor Quality Care

Most healthcare practices find it challenging to provide quality healthcare services to patients which affect their healing process negatively. Risky procedure not only affects the patients but also affects the medical practitioners giving medication.  Poor quality medical care makes it impossible for medical practices to achieve their mission of ensuring a healthy and disease-free society. Some of the possible contributors to treatment errors and inadequate medical care are low-level information systems, out-dated medical equipment, incompetent nurses and high patient population (Srigley et al., 2015). Underdeveloped information systems make it difficult for medical practitioners to store patient information effectively which can lead to wrong diagnosis hence errors in prescription. It ends up that a patient is given medication intended for a different person with a different illness. Inadequate information systems also make physicians coordination difficult. They are not able to interact effectively and discuss patients’ information to come up with the most effective treatment procedures. Out-dated medical equipment makes it difficult for medical practitioners to tackle newly advanced and modified illnesses. Physicians are forced into manipulating the functioning of the material to provide treatment for the new health problems creating room for the emergence of medical errors. Incompetency in the nursing field is also a significant contributor to poor quality healthcare. Some of the…


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