ASSIGNMENT HELP | What are some of the key environmental forces that have changed the way projects are managed?

MAN 3583 Project Management

Please see 8 separate discussion questions and topics. Please answer each 8 discussions separately. Each discussion must have 1 source. Can be short paragraph of 8-10 sentences for each discussion and must provide a thoughtful and comprehensive response that is reflective and well-written.


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Discussion 1:

  • What are some of the key environmental forces that have changed the way projects are managed? What has been the effect of these forces on the management of projects?

Discussion 2:

  • What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches? Under what conditions would you prefer one over the other?

Discussion 3:

  • What are the risks associated with leveling resources, compressing or crashing projects, and imposed durations or “catch-up” as the project is being implemented?


Discussion 4:

  • The chances of risk events occurring and their respective costs change over the project life cycle. What is the significance of this phenomenon to a project manager?

Discussion 5:

  • Why is a conductor of an orchestra an appropriate metaphor for being a project manager? What aspects of project managing are not reflected by this metaphor? Can you think of other metaphors that would be appropriate?


Discussion 6:

  • How does a Tracking Gantt Chart help communicate project progress? How does the Tracking Gantt Chart differ from the Control Chart? What are the advantages of a Tracking Gantt Chart? Provide an example of how you could use a Tracking Gantt Chart at either work or home.


Discussion 7:

  • How should you go about preparing yourself for an international project? There are several basic factors in the host country’s environment that may alter how a project may be implemented. Select three of these factors and discuss their impact on the project.

Discussion 8:

  • Explain to a fellow student the major benefits of project management oversight to an organization. What are three major advantages to an organization using the maturity model?


Project Management

Discussion 1

There are many environmental forces that have changed the manner in which projects are managed. The first environmental force is the product life cycle which describe the specific processes that project managers have to follow as they implement the projects they are | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | gives a specific framework through which a project has to be implemented. While working on a project, the implementation can either be linear or non-linear as notable constraints are bound to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | factor is global competition which spans from competing over the available resources including human capital. When the industry is too competitive, the project implementation may be challenging as project managers have to ensure they have a competitive edge over | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | include changes in technology which may likely make existing technologies in the project management process obsolete. The effects of these forces include changing in organizational structure, need for improved speed for project implementation and also prioritizing some projects.

Discussion 2

Top-down approach is a process where a person estimates the time of deliverables and/or major deliverables while in the bottom-up approach, there is a detailed estimate for every individual task that make up the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the top-down estimating that is implemented first before it is followed by the bottom-up estimating. Top-down estimating often happens when a company management imposes a cost on a project without necessarily showing a detailed | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | approach over a bottom-up one when in need of a strong management and secondly, I will also use a top-down approach when immediate changes have to be made.

Discussion 3

Leveling resources, compressing or crashing projects, and imposed durations can be described as project scheduling tools which have some | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the risks associated with schedule compressing include time overrun as well as the possibility of eliminating one or two activities in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | most notable risk is budget changes since allocating more resources will mean that the project will not be implemented within the initial budgetary | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | risk of crashing is that the workforce may end up being demoralized as employees may be forced to undertake tasks that were initially not within their scope. Imposed durations may also result in high employee turn over as the workforce will feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities.

Discussion 4

The impact of the chances of risk events and changes in estimated costs s that the project change control mechanisms is likely to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | may also mean that the scope of the project implementation may also change significantly. The project manager will be compelled to take note of any changes and ensure they are properly recorded and updated from time | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | aspects are not considered, then there is a risk of the project control systems being obsolete and hence stop being a proper management tool (Jayatilleke & Lai, 2018).

Discussion 5 The conductor of an orchestra is often used as a metaphor to a project manager for many | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | conductor’s role is to integrate the different and unique sounds played by different instruments and by the different voces and voice intensities to ensure that the music that comes out is coherent and appealing to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | role of a project manager is to effectively utilize the available skills set and…


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