Assignment Help | The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for learners to:

Case Study
The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for learners to: (a) articulate key questions to be asked in a grievance; (b) review an academic integrity policy; and (c) determine a decision in a grievance process.



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Questions to The Student

The first question that the grievances committee and I would ask will be: Do you know what plagiarism is all about and what it entails?

The second question would be: Are you aware of the consequences for any student who gets involved in plagiarism?

The first question will be asked to the student based on the fact that it is not right for the committee to assume that it is obvious that the student already knows what plagiarism is all about. The student might have plagiarized the work out of lack of knowledge on what plagiarism is all about. If in the event Susie sounds like she has no idea what plagiarism is all about, the grievance committee will be forced to investigate further from the faculty as to how a student can fail to understand a basic practice in the field of academia. It is from the response of the student that the committee will be able to make an initial step in analyzing the direction of the case. This question has been derived for one basic reason: not all students are aware of what plagiarism is all about (Bultas, Schmuke, Davis & Palmer, 2017). The question will also be meant to have her explain why she feels being 50 years as well as a non-English speaker should be …

The next question is much dependent on what she will give as the response in the first question. If the student indeed knows what plagiarism is, then it could be obvious that she knows the consequences associated with plagiarism. If the student already knows what the consequences are, then it could imply that she did plagiarize her work and ought to have been prepared for the consequences. The reasoning behind this question is that it should not be assumed that by a student knowing what plagiarism is, it is obvious that she knows the consequences. In any case, plagiarism has a threshold set for every institution, and this has to be made clear for every student. It is at this

Questions to Be Asked to The Faculty Member

The most probable question to ask the faculty member would be: Have you made students to be aware of what plagiarism is all about and the consequences they can be subjected to in case their work is found plagiarized?

What were the criteria used in expelling the student and are there any exceptionalities when it comes to plagiarism?

 The first question is derived based on the fact that policies may exist in writing, but at times, the chances are that a student may not have been made aware and even reminded from time to time the threshold set for plagiarism as well as the consequences associated with plagiarizing ones’ work. By asking this question, the committee will be seeking to understand who indeed is to blame. If indeed students are made aware of the effects, it will also be important to understand how often such information is repeated for clarity purposes (Cleary & Sayers, 2017). If there is enough evidence that students have enough information, then the committee will almost conclude that the institution has done its best and it is the student who was on the wrong. The second question pinpoints the reasons that Susie …


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