ASSIGNMENT HELP | The global health issue is Coronavirus outbreak 2020.

The global health issue is Coronavirus outbreak 2020. You will introduce the health issue and discuss the interventions necessary to prevent the issue and promote health.
Include the following in your paper:
.Introduction/overview of the health issue and the prevalence in the United States and worldwide
.Contributing factors
.Prevention strategies
.Signs and symptoms
.Diagnostic tests (if applicable)
.Advanced practice nursing role and management strategies
.Medical/pharmacological management (if applicable)
.Follow-up care



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Write a 3–4 page paper following APA format. You must include 2–3 scholarly sources in your citations and references.


Global Health Risk Paper: Coronavirus

Overview of the Healthcare Issue

Coronavirus is the latest Health Concern that has hit China with concerns of spread to other countries. The latest report indicates that more than 1000 people in Mainland China have since lost their lives with the highest death toll being reported on Monday as 108 | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the deaths, the National Health Commission has so far reported 42,638 infections, with most infections and deaths being reported in the Wuhan and Hubei provinces of China. The threat of the virus has seen some of the countries evacuate their people from mainland China and flights | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | as of 11th February, Germany had so far reported 16 people diagnosed with the virus. In the US, 13 cases have been reported with 11 cases emerging as a result of people traveling to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | two are said to have contracted the virus in a person to person transmission. Despite these cases, 24 other Americans in a…

Contributing Factors

Research has attributed the spread of the disease to pangolin, which is a traditional medicine used in China. Even though the findings are not fully in the open, scientists have given this as a probable contributing factor. Being a viral infection, it is…

Prevention Strategies Since there are no treatment measures for the virus, it is important to highlight prevention strategies. Some of the prevention strategies include reducing close contact with | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ought to avoid touching their eyes…


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