ASSIGNMENT HELP | Checklist for Cover Letter (S/U grade)

Your cover letter should be:

Presented and formatted in a professional business manner
Addressed properly
Clear and concise and include:
Content Introduction
Content Body
Content Conclusion
Written in a professional style and include:
Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
Clear and accurate sentence structure
Checklist for Resume (S/U)
Your Resume should be clear, concise, and well-organized and it should also include your:


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Name, address, business phone number, and e-mail address (top center of resume)
Profile: 2–3 sentences describing goal and positive attributes/characteristics
Certifications and licensure
Professional experience
Checklist for Portfolio (S/U)


Your Portfolio should be clear, concise, and well-organized and it should also include your:

Personal philosophy statement
Personal goals (short term and long term)
Cover letter
Diplomas for formal education
Letters of recommendation
References (list names, affiliation, and contact information)
Certificates of attendance for continuing education
Oral presentations and/or poster presentations


Personal Philosophy Statement

As a registered Nurse with a soon to be masters degree and several relevant certifications, my philosophy is to use my core values of honesty, kindness, persistence and care to guarantee quality of care to my patients. My 7 years of experience has also given me the zeal to be culturally competent and to embrace evidence-based approaches in working in multidisciplinary settings of care. I also pledge, with the help of God, to uphold the ethical and moral essence of nursing which is to offer selfless care to patients, their care givers and the community at large. I endeavor to handle every patient with utmost respect and care.


The advertisement for a PMHNP with | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Medical Clinic fits well in what I have acquired in not only my many years of training but also in the years of experience I so far have. Having worked as a registered nurse in Beecham Memorial Hospital, I undertook many responsibilities that prepared me for many tasks. The core competencies that I was able to gain were the coordinating patient discharge schedules as well as providing post-care | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the safe and responsible use of equipment and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | infection control | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in charge of analyzing record data and provided reports that identify care needs in order to provide optimal care to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and other responsibilities have given me confidence to work in settings such as the Pinnacle Medical Clinic.

My zeal to gain | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | skills and become a better specialist also made me enroll for a master’s program which has helped me expand my knowledge and skills specific for | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | my hard work and desire to work for humanity that saw me get certification and licenses from many accredited organizations such as the American Red Cross Association. I can thus state with no doubt that I am well skilled and prepared to undertake any mandate in healthcare.

Personal Goals

Short term Goals

My short-term goals are to ensure I pass my final exams and graduate in May. My next short-term goal is to get employed as a full-time practitioner. This will help me gain enough skills that can enable me grow and make better impact directed towards my long-term goals.

Long term Goals My long-term goals are to be a team leader where I can mentor other RN to be better care givers. I also seek to foster a nurturing environment where I will encourage and challenge other RNs to advance their studies so that they…


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