ASSIGNMENT HELP -Summarizing the main points of the reading

-Summarizing the main points of the reading
-Sharing your thoughts of the reading (agree/disagree)
-How the reading relates to your personal experiences
-Cite your chosen reading within the response i.e. add a quote and cite using APA format (Author\’s last name, year published).



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Summary of the main points
The story of the Syphilis experiment, as documented in “Bad Blood,” is a story many would wish to forget. It highlights one of the most significant violations of ethical issues in PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | experiment that spanned close to a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to find out the effect of untreated syphilis on the black male population. This experiment was undertaken in conjunction with the Tuskegee Institute with the blessing of some state as well as local board of health. The chapter highlights how the government capitalized on the ignorance and trust of citizens to subject them to an experiment that violated PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | 399 participants who were in their late stages of syphilis as well as 201 participants who were part of the control (Jones, 1993). After 1955, even though penicillin was introduced as an alternative drug, participants were never given.
Thoughts About the Reading
The reading depicts the highest level of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that the government can use all sorts of mechanisms, including enticing citizens, for them to get involved in a study they never wished to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also shows that around 1955, people of colour were discriminated against. It is for this reason that such a research initiative could use blacks as a control PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |after finding a possible cure for syphilis, they were denied. Such a move reflects the social injustice that was peddled against people of colour.
How The Reading Relates to Personal Experience
I may not have a direct experience with instances of health-related ethical violations as directly implicated in the reading. However, I have witnessed cases of discrimination peddled against people of colour, especially at places of work. My thinking is, discrimination of any kind should never be allowed.
Jones, J.H, (1993). Bad Blood. A moral Astigmatism. Retrieved from


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