ASSIGNMENT | 1. An explanation of how one’s tendency to perceive others using either the halo effect or the fundamental attribution error could contribute to developing prejudices,

Unit III Scholarly Activity

In Chapter 9, you read about four criteria that need to be met in order for contact between hostile groups to decrease prejudices. In this assignment, you will reflect on these criteria and develop a program to reduce prejudice. Compose an essay that includes the following components:


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4 Criteria:
•The groups had to have equal status (one group couldn’t have more power than the other).
•Group members had to be able to get to know each other on an individual level (not just as anonymous members of the “other” group).
•Any authority figures in the situation had to support the groups’ positive change.
•The groups had to work together, cooperatively, on a common goal.


1. An explanation of how one’s tendency to perceive others using either the halo effect or the fundamental attribution error could contribute to developing prejudices,
2. A description of the four criteria used to reduce prejudice,
3. A discussion of the two criteria in #2 that you think are most important and why. You must choose from the attached CSU peer-reviewed empirical articles that provides supporting evidence for the two criteria you selected as most important above.
4. After providing a brief overview of the article’s main findings, address the following points.
a. Describe a prejudice reduction program you could implement based on the two criteria that you previously selected as most important.
b. Explain why you believe this program will be effective by drawing on research concerning prejudice and discrimination.
c. Discuss how the program would be implemented. Be specific in who would be targeted, where this program would take place, and how you see the program being executed.


Your response should be at least two pages in length.
You must use at least two of the attached sources as references for your paper

All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced, and paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Please format your paper and all citations in accordance with APA guidelines.

Interactive: Social Psychology Interactive eBook. Thomas E. Heinzen; Wind Stone Goodfriend.

Heinzen, T. E., Goodfriend, W. S. Interactive: Social Psychology Interactive eBook. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from


Fundamental Attribution Error

The fundamental attribution error is an individual’s tendency that explains another person’s conduct based on their intrinsic characteristics, like character or personality while ignoring the situational aspects that contribute to that PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | might judge a person for his unemployment status based on his personality, but they were laid off because the economy was slow. At times the assumptions might be true, however, the fundamental attribution error tends to explain others’ behaviour depending on their dispositions which are especially true when the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | other words, the Fundamental Attribution Error is a fallacy in terms of logic where people assume that others behave the way they do because of their internal characteristics rather than considering the circumstances that led to that person’s behaviour.


Four Criteria for Reducing Prejudice Prejudice reduction is minimizing the negative perceptions that individuals have concerning PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | have linked the concept of prejudice reduction to the shifting negative attitudes, a term which is at times synonymous to stereotypic beliefs, negative behaviours, or expression of outward bias (Van Dessel et al., 2020). According to existing literature, intergroup contact is the best method…


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