ASSIGNMENT HELP | Select three characteristics and discuss why a measure should possess that characteristic

Effective performance measurement systems have certain characteristics. Select three characteristics and discuss why a measure should possess that characteristic include in-text citations and reference list in APA format.



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Performance Measurement

All forward-thinking groups and organizations in different parts of the world are well conversant with the importance attached to a performance | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | organizations spend a lot of time checking on areas that need improvement and those that are perfectly | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is something that has made them stand out competitively in the world of business. The performance management systems have characteristics that are essential, and each measure should possess them.

A performance management system has to be fair. Those who are being monitored by the system should feel that it is fair. This can be done by making sure that the system of evaluation has clear goals, and the objectives have | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also needs to be done equally so that any appraisal can be | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | characteristic is that the system needs to be an ongoing process. A measure needs to be a regular process and also ongoing communication so that the employees can feel that their welfare is important, and the management seeks to handle them effectively (Gerrish, 2016). This boosts the productivity …

The other characteristic is that the system should be in line with the culture as well as the values of an organization. For instance, if the culture of the organization revolves around a reward for a task well accomplished, the measure should also be in line | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that bears a collaborative culture would have to come up with a performance measurement system that unites all | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is important because it helps in cultivating the right talent and also ensuring that the work environment is conducive for everyone.


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