ASSIGNMENT HELP | Select one class period from your course syllabus and develop a teaching plan for your chosen class.

Teaching Plan

Select one class period from your course syllabus and develop a teaching plan for your chosen class. Following the assignment guidelines below, develop and submit your teaching plan for the class period during week 6 and deliver a mini presentation explaining your teaching plan during week 7.


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Assignment Guidelines

Your teaching plan should serve as a road map of what you think students need to learn as well as how you will effectively deliver your instruction and evaluate what the students learned during the class period. Your teaching plan should guide your teaching presentation during week 7 (see guidelines for the presentation in week 7). While there are many formats for a teaching plan, the following sections should be included in your plan:


1.The subject or topic that you plan to teach: Your topic should be lected from one of the class periods listed in your syllabus that you developed for an undergraduate nursing course.
2.Level of instruction: The placement of the course in the nursing program curriculum (i.e., freshman, junior, sophomore, senior; beginning, mid-program, or end-of-program level)
3.Method/mode of delivering your teaching presentation: Form of audio-visual delivery, PowerPoint presentation, or similar method
4.Learning objectives: Include 4–5 outcome statements that define what you expect the students to learn or accomplish by the end of the class period. Your learning objectives should be clear and measurable, and appropriate to the information you are teaching, and the level of instruction.
5.Content outline: Develop an outline of the central points and/or skills you plan to cover. Your content should be logically structured.
6.Teaching strategies and learning activities: List the approach, techniques, and methods you will use to drive your instruction and engage your students to reach the learning objectives (e.g., lecture, active learning, discussions). Provide a rationale supporting your selected teaching strategies, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
7.Plans for individual learning differences: How you plan to adapt your teaching to meet individual learning needs of various students. Explain how individuals with different learning styles will be supported by your teaching strategies and activities.
8.Evaluation process: List the methods you plan to use to assess student learning and evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching strategies (how you will determine if students met the outcome objectives).
Include formative (questioning, discussion, games, etc.) and summative (assignment, test, presentation, etc.) evaluation strategies.
Include at least one written assignment and develop a rubric that clearly describes your expectations for the assignment. Your rubric should:
List the criteria that will be assessed (a breakdown of the assignment parts).
Include some type of scale that measures the levels of quality for the criteria being assessed (e.g., from excellent to poor, from exceeds expectations to does not meet expectations).


Nursing Teaching Plan

Class: Continuing undergraduate students                                                  Course Title:          Nursing Fundamentals: Concepts, Process, and Practice   Instructor’s Name: . Course Title: Nursing Fundamentals: Concepts, Process, and Practice Course No.: NS371 Credit Hours: 7 (3 hrs. – Theory; 4 hrs. – clinical/practice) Class Days and Time Period: Tuesday and Thursday (9:30 am to 1:00 pm) Class Location (class no.): Main Building, Room 2B Office Period: Mon. and Wed. (12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Central Focus:        Continuing students to apply and integrate nursing content both from lab skills as well as classroom learning activitieswhen taking care of individuals with commonly occurring human responses advancing to fewer common responses to health issues.
What do the students already know: Students have basic knowledge of lab skills, basic of nursing, clinical practice as well as nursing processes. Students also understanding the basic pillars to being a professional nurse
Standard(s): Students to understand the different integral aspects of nursingStudents to be reminded of the different | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | wholistic care  Lesson Objectives:  By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: Explore factors that can influence nursing | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | practiceDescribe the role of the nurse and their professional criteria including roles of different specialistsTo understand the role of caring as an important nursing componentAssessment(s): Formative: Students will be subjected to one on one discussions in class, group | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and submit the following day. Random classroom tests and presentations will also be part of the summative assessment  
Content outline Caring as an essential pillar in nursing practic | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ing The use of professionalism and Holism in the nursing profession
Mode of lesson presentation
The lesson will be taught using PowerPoint p | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Personalized learning to meet different needs of studentsAudio-visual delivery for differentiated learning


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