Assignment Help | Interview a person you know about the ACA.

Interview a person you know about the ACA. In your write-up, please provide the following information about the person you interviewed: age, gender, profession/job, how you know them, and any additional information you believe may be interesting to note. Your paper should be submitted as a Word document; use size 12 Times New Roman font and put your name at the top of Page 1.



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Below is a list of sample questions you should ask. You are also required to ask at least one additional appropriate question.

What can you tell me about the ACA?
Can you share with me why the ACA was passed by Congress?
How has the ACA changed your health insurance coverage? Follow-up questions you may consider include:
Did your healthcare coverage increase?
Was your healthcare coverage from a previous insurance carrier canceled?
Did your premiums increase, decrease, or stay the same?
What do you feel are the benefits/advantages of the ACA? What do you feel are the disadvantages of the ACA?
After the interview, reflect on your interviewee’s responses. Were there any misconceptions? If so, discuss what information you could provide. Discuss the effect of this week’s assignments on your view of the ACA. Please cite sources to support your answers.


The affordable care Act is one of the greatest achievements made under the Obama administration. The Act became law in 2010 with the main aim being to provide affordable health insurance coverage for Americans without any form of discrimination. The greatest beneficiaries of the law were Americans from low- and middle-income | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | who initially could not afford the rather expensive health | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | many advantages, the Act has been marred by controversies | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | after the Trump administration | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | object to the Act argue that it provides additional costs, especially | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | argue that it may have more negative implications on the quality of care being provided. In this task, I interview Mrs. Smith who is a nurse leader in a reputable healthcare organization. Mrs. Smith is her late 50’s and has been …

The Interview

Me: Welcome Mrs. Smith and thank you for granting me this interview

Mrs. Smith: It’s my pleasure and please feel free to ask any questions you have

Me: Ok, what can you tell me about the ACA?

Mrs. Smith: ACA stands for the affordable care Act or as famously known | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Obama pushed for this as a legacy to promote access to healthcare for all people, their economic levels notwithstanding.

Me: Can you share with me why ACA was passed by congress? 

Mrs. Smith: Congress passed the Act | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | why congress passed the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | was to make health insurance affordable to all and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ensure it benefits the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also meant to constrain healthcare costs while at the…

Me: How do you think ACA has changed your health insurance coverage?

Mrs. Smith: I believe ACA has greatly changed our health insurance coverage. To date, there are now many people who are insured than it was | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | has also been made more affordable and there is expanded access to care. In our facility, more people come here to use their insurance cover …

Me: Was there an increase in your healthcare coverage?

Mrs. Smith: Yes, it did, there are now more people who have accessed coverage since the affordable care Act was enacted. On the other hand, the premium has reduced.

Me: In your capacity and experience, what can you say have been advantages and disadvantages of ACA?

Mrs. Smith: I think there are many advantages as compared | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | antages. The greatest advantage is the reduction in healthcare costs as it provides insurance for people from low-income levels. It also eliminates the Medicaid gap. The notable disadvantage, however, is that it provided coverage to services that are not necessary….


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