Assignment Help | Describe in detail the purpose of the tenet and provide examples of the tenet applied in practice.

Reviewing Appendix B in Butts, choose two of the Nine Tenets of the Code of Ethics for Nurses and describe how you will personally apply each tenet in the practice setting with your patients. Describe in detail the purpose of the tenet and provide examples of the tenet applied in practice. Explain why it is important to uphold the tenet in maximizing the quality of patient care, and identify how it enhances your own practice as a nurse.



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Your paper should be 1-2 pages.
Include a title page and a reference page to cite your text. Adhere to APA formatting throughout, and cite any outside sources you may use.


Nine Tenets Essay

Tenets in the nursing profession refer to the principles that nurses are meant to uphold and practice in their various activities (Sellma, 2016). The first tenet a nurse should practice is ensuring that the patient’s needs are the primary focus of all the activities and purposes of any approach. The observation of this tenet helps in ensuring that the patient’s autonomy in the various decisions made about their health. This tenet in the nursing code of ethics helps in serving two primary purposes. The first is that it helps in promoting patient-centered healthcare in the facility and among the health care providers. Secondly, this tenet helps in strengthening the patient’s autonomy and freedom to make the decisions about his or her health based on the kind of evidence-based research conducted by the nurse, or the alternatives provided (Hedman et al., 2019). Supporting a patient’s autonomy is a crucial aspect of the observation of the nursing code of ethics.

One way this tenet can be practiced is by ensuring the patient is in a position to make any decisions on the state of their health and cause of treatment, especially after providing them with the possible alternatives to the scenario. Giving the patient the freedom and opportunity to make the decision that suits them best is crucial. Secondly, supporting and defending the patient’s determination to one’s friends and family is a way to ensure that the patient’s autonomy is respected by all involved (Hedman et al., 2019). Lastly…

Practicing this tenet helps in promoting better health care quality for the patient because it is aimed at ensuring that the patient and his family stay well informed on the different courses of action available (Hedman et al., 2019). It also helps n ensuring that the environment provided in the health care facility suits the healing process for the patient, increasing the chances of getting better, and improving the patient’s quality of life. The second tenet states that a nurse has an obligation to self as well as to others. Their primary responsibility in a professional capacity is to promote the patient’s health and safety while preserving the wholeness of their character and integrity (Sellman, 2016). The observation of this tenet can be …


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