ASSIGNMENT HELP | Describe another example where the conflict was dysfunctional

From your experience, describe a situation in which a conflict was functional. Next, describe another example where the conflict was dysfunctional. Then, identify the crucial elements that made one functional and the other dysfunctional. As a leader, what do you think is your responsibility when it comes to functional and dysfunctional conflicts?



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            Conflict tends to take different forms. For instance, conflict within a societal setting can either be functional or dysfunctional. From my experience, there are situations I have experienced with instances of functional and dysfunctional | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | situation where a functional conflict was evident was when a friend wanted to purchase a piece of land from the government for development (building townhomes), but an | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | feels that the townhomes would be bad for the overall community through inconveniences and additional costs accrued from moving some government structures.

           I have also experienced a dysfunctional conflict within the company I once worked in, which resulted in a negative experience. For example, the leadership of the organization had a major conflict about a construction project involving a nuclear power plant. The community around the area where the project will be located is vehemently against it, and the discussion related in a heated conflict resulting in a win-lose | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | dysfunctional conflicts are not healthy, and originate from behavioral and emotional origins.

           There are some elements that make up the functional conflict. These elements include capabilities, similar interests, wills, intentions, and integrative management.

 On the other hand, dysfunctional conflict is made up of such elements as opposing interests, alternatives, identity, and integrative and disintegrative | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | responsibility when it comes to functional and dysfunctional conflicts is to develop skills to manage both forms of conflict through communication, self-awareness, appreciation, and respect for the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | objective will be to ensure that the employees’ issues are prioritized and that their concerns are heard, and catered for by the organization.


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