ASSIGNMENT HELP | Create three documents to educate visitors to a HIM booth at a local high school’s career day about the HIM profession.

Create three documents to educate visitors to a HIM booth at a local high school’s career day about the HIM profession. The first document is a list of talking points about the HIM profession (1 page) to discuss with the visitors at the booth.The second is a concept map (1 page) that shows various health care departments and their interaction with the HIM profession. The third is a tri-fold brochure (1 page, double-sided) providing information, such as educational requirements and work settings for HIM professionals.



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Staffing the HIM Booth

Prepared Talking Points

As a high school student looking forward to advance the academic, it is often challenging to settle on which area you should focus on. While some of the students already have a clear picture of what they wish to do, others are guided by their parents or teachers. Others, have no idea what they should focus on as their interests are divided. For those that wish to join the healthcare sector, Health Information Management (HIM) is a profession worth considering (Daley, Morgan & Beman, 2016).

Health information management is an important concept in the U.S health care system. HIM is essential in both healthcare providers and other entities covered by the HIPAA regulation. In healthcare, it is important that the patient’s information is kept private and secure. In general, HIM involves billing and proper adherence to government regulations (Hamidi, Mahendran & Denecke, 2019). Without proper security of a patient’s healthcare information, errors are bound to happen.

As a student leaving high school, some of the | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | professionals and their practice | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | in the U.S healthcare system include physicians who can work as doctors in hospitals, work in academia, as well as government. Others are medical school educators who work in | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | nursing/schools, nurses who can move place to place when required, pharmacists in drug setting (Nilashi, et al., 2016).

To be a healthcare professional, there are notable requirements that one has to meet. The general requirements are a two-year degree or a certificate | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | also calls for people to undertake a licensure program or specific course training/ | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | paragraph, HIM profession helps adhere to safety standards in the delivery of care as medical records are kept safely (Handayani et al., 2017) The different roles of HIM | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | include reviewing medical records, organizing and maintaining clinical databases, tracking the patient outcomes and electronically recording patient data.  

Concept Map

Text Box: Data processintechnicians,Text Box: Patient information system,Text Box: Medical knowledge acquisition,Text Box: Clinical support system,Text Box: Evidence-based practice


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