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Over the last couple of weeks, we have read about accounting and decision making. We are going to apply these concepts to your idea from week 2. Provide a cost/benefit analysis for your idea. Make sure to mention any sunk or opportunity costs involved in the implementation of this policy as well as the long-term increase in projected profitability. You are permitted to use fictional numbers as far as costs go, but you should provide research to support any opportunity costs or projected profitability. You can find industry averages for various program costs and projected benefits.



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This does not need to be written as a formal research paper, but all research provided does need to be cited in APA format. You may write in the first person because you are presenting your own ideas. You do not need to provide an abstract, but you do need an APA formatted title page and reference page. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages (approx. 700 words) not including the title and reference.

Week 2 paper will be included in the files. Also, here is the project subject that I wrote about following week 2 paper:

“As we all have learned over the past 3 weeks, employees perform better in the workplace when they feel valued and appreciated. I am going to ensure that my employees understand their importance in the position within our company by implementing the Employee Autonomy Program. Some questions I considered while I gathered research on this are: “What do I need to feel supported in the workplace?”.. “What makes me feel empowered to make decisions?”.. “I feel motivated to work when…”

I felt it was important to ask and answer these questions before continuing on with the Program implementation so that I knew how to support autonomy in the workplace for my employees. This program would put a lot of trust into the employees while supporting their empowerment in the workplace.”


Ensuring that employees are motivated can come with financial implications for an organization. A clear cost analysis will, however, ensure that the costs used in motivating employees are so far less than what the organization gets in return. In the previous task, I sought to rely on non-monetary ways to motivate employees. The suggested approach entailed ensuring employee autonomy. This aspect entails promoting employees’ independence, advocating for their worth in the organization, empowering …

Putting a lot of trust in employees and ensuring that they know their worth in the organization makes them give their all and hence advance the achievement of the goals of the organization. However, before this program is to be implemented, it will be important to ask important questions. The cost-benefit analysis is important as it allows a comparison of the available opportunities against the costs involved and consequently deciding on the viability of the program (Alegre et al., 2016). The program is …

The cost-benefit analysis given herein will be based on say 100 employees working on different departments of the organization. The target is improving employee autonomy i.e. avoiding instances of micromanagement and trusting employees to undertake their work. This kind of cost is intangible and hence may not have a direct, quantifiable cost/ benefit attached to them. In most cases therefore, choosing …


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