ASSIGNMENT HELP | As an employee should you have a social media account? 

Answer these four questions below, make sure you provide detail answers and your own feedback.  It’s fine to use outside sources as an example but I want to READ YOUR INPUT.  Yes or NO answers are unacceptable, I want two paragraphs per question.   



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Social Media and Workplace.

  1.  As an employee should you have a social media account?  Do you believe that your are entitled to post anything on your page since its your account?  Does the employer have authority to check your account and hold you accountable regarding statements made on your page? When is the line crossed?
  2. From a hiring point, as an applicant would have a social media account?  Do you believe a potential employer should check a candidate’s social media page(s) before on an employment offer is made? 
  3. From a business perspective, how important is social media?  What are the benefits and consequences of social media as it relates to the workplace?
  4.  Provide an example that has made headlines in the news that supports your position.


Social Media and Workplace

Question One

Employees need to have social media accounts. Social media helps people to connect with colleagues, friends, and family. Allowing staff to have and use social media accounts helps to boost morale and improves engagement for several reasons. For instance, it shows that you trust the employees in boosting the morale and happiness and at the same time makes them feel | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | social media accounts belong to the specific individual, it is essential to note that we have a moral and ethical responsibility for what we post on our social media | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that one should post content with social, and moral standards, and that is in accordance ethical policies. For instance, it is illegal and unethical to post workplace confidential information such as financial statements and user information such as username and password on | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | can be checking what you post via the social media accounts, they do not have the authority to log in or check your accounts. However, whatever one posts online can be used to hold them accountable since it is a reflection of their moral and ethical standards. This only relates to the information of the company or the employer.    

Question Two From the hiring point, the applicant should have social media | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | platforms such as LinkedIn help the employees to connect with the hiring organization. Social media platforms offer a greater level of information relating to the employees, | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | , and professional | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a potential employer should check the employee’s social media before hiring them. Before applying for any job, one should audit their social | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | accounts to determine the applicant’s suitability. Moreover, employees’ use of social media shows their passion, network, friends, and how they…


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