ASSIGNMENT HELP | Argumentative Harm Reduction Essay/Letter to Editor.

-Develop a 2-page argumentative essay.
Argumentative essays generally consist of taking a position on a topic and developing a clear position and thesis statement. You will then include 3-4 paragraphs presenting your argument/opinion with supporting evidence, followed by a strong conclusion.



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Topics: Covid Vaccination

My position on this essay is Implementing mandatory covid-19 vaccination
1. It is safe and cost-effective
2. It is a communicable disease hence the risk of harming others is highly great, therefore it should be made mandatory to prevent harm to others.
3. Because without Covid-19 vaccination more people will get sick and that will cause a strain in the healthcare system.
4. Because the risk of virus mutating is greater when less than 95% of the population is vaccinated. there will be continuous outbreak lockdowns.


Please use the above reasons for the basis of your writing with supporting evidence.


Argumentative Essay on Covid-19 Vaccination

The world has experienced severe drawbacks economically in 2020 and 2021 due to economic closure in most parts of the world as a result of the covid-19 | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the disease was reported first in China towards the end of 2019. Coronavirus disease then spread to different parts of the world, whereby many cases were reported in the USA, Europe, middle east, and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is infectious and is caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus and has | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | millions of people since the time it | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the disease caused tension in the world and attracted immediate action from individuals, governments, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the medical fraternity.

 Governments have sensitized people on the necessary prevention measures and invested resources in providing masks, hand sanitizers, educating people through media, as well as installing care facilities in hospitals. Researchers, doctors, and the medical fraternity have also committed themselves to seek for treatment and effective ways of curbing the spread | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is one of the measures that governments consider effective in controlling the spread and infection of covid-19. However, some people have a negative attitude towards the covid-19 vaccine, holding on to false speculations about the side effects. As a result, this essay supports the idea that governments should make covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all citizens.

Argument for Covid-19 Vaccination

The covid-19 vaccine is a safe and cost-effective way to protecting one’s health. Vaccines are made to boost a person’s immune system thus developing protection | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | enable one’s body immune system to recognize and fight off the virus that causes the disease. Most people fear that after vaccination they remain prone to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | agencies have ensured safety thorough testing and reviews of the vaccine during its development by specialists, to ensure that effective and high-quality vaccines | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | has also guaranteed free vaccines for everyone who lives in Canada. Moreover, vaccination would prevent infection of many people, thus reducing treatment and patient care | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | are safe since they trigger an immune response against covid-19 and minimize treatment costs. Covid-19 is a communicable disease hence posing a high risk of harming | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | should make covid-19 vaccination compulsory because of the need to protect each other, especially those with underlying health conditions. Vaccination minimizes the risk of being infected with covid-19, thus curbing the spread to other people. Therefore, Covid-19 vaccination is essential because it necessitates individual…


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