ASSIGNMENT HELP | Apply appropriate technology tools and resources to locate and retrieve information from various sources

Find a news article that demonstrates an apparent misuse of statistics for a crime or an article that demonstrates that people are trying to release accurate and reliable information about a crime. Specifically, discuss how it is a misuse of statistics or not and why that particular article was picked.



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In no less than 250 words, apply appropriate technology tools and resources to locate and retrieve information from various sources (e.g., on-line, libraries, etc.) while completing this assignment. Use proper English grammar and spelling and normal page margins.


After the Ferguson shooting in 2014, a noticeable gap in crime (criminal justice) statistics PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |using lethal force. The federal government continues to compile detailed data of burglaries, homicides and arson, among others, but an official and reliable tabulation of civilian deaths by the police is non-existent. FBI’s partial database for use by various crime PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is also thought to be inaccurate and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |approaching 400 nationwide,” published on The Washington Post attempted to provide/release accurate and reliable data on police kPLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to provide reliable and accurate data on this particular crime comes in the wake of the FBI’s failure to inform the public of the total number of people shot and killed by law enforcement agencies from the beginning PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the help of its six journalists, compiled a comprehensive analysis of various fatal police shootings, including every police killed in the line of duty (Kindy et al. par. 4).

            Focusing primarily on police shootings, and not PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | from police custody deaths or stun guns, the quest by the article to provide accurate and reliable data was fueled by FBI’s failure to do so, especially on crimes related to law PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |officials such as police commanders and district attorneys PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | evaluated based on the number of police shootings and related deaths while they are in office, explains the authors attempt to tabulate and provide the public with the truth about PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | attempt for accuracy and relevance on police PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | data is evidenced by their methods of data collection ranging from local news accounts to police reports and using interviews.

Work Cited

Kindy Kimberly, Tate Julie, Jenkins Jennifer, Rich Steven, Alexander L. Keith, and Lowery Wesley. “Fatal Police Shootings in 2015 Approaching 400 Nationwide.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 30 May 2015,


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