1. The idea I’m interested in is about food delivery for homeless people. | Assignment Help

1. The idea I’m interested in is about food delivery for homeless people. Every year we will waste 1.3 billion tons of food but there are still millions of people suffering in famine. However, I think maybe we can fund in a new application which can inform homeless people where they can get food. Such as some restaurants, after they close, they have some extra food which is not sell and will be throw away, they can send the message in app to say they have food and put them in some specific location to give other homeless people. It can bring to my customers like those homeless people the sufficient food and can help us to solve the problem of wasting food.

2. Application to help you protect your eyes. The idea I want to say is the application which can determine that if the surroundings you use your electronic devices will not be harmful for your eyes. It’s an application that help you protect your eyes. I find that more and more people have myopia especially the children. The main reason is not overusing your eyes and cause them fatigue but many people have wrong eye habits like lying down and looking at the phone or looking at the phone in a dark environment. This application is beneficial for those people who use laptops everyday. It can protect their eyes and make them healthy.


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3. English teaching in preschool education. In China, more and more parents attach importance to their children’s education, especially to English teaching. They will spend a lot of money on their children’s education. So I think it’s a great cause because there are a lot of kids in China and their parents are willing to pay for it. It can not only bring knowledge to children, but also promote China’s educational culture. It will also attract more and more children to preschool education.

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  1. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the following four areas (See handout Market Analysis at link below):
    1. Industry Analysis- Identify detailed information on your industry
    2. Competitor Analysis – Identify 2-3 competitors in your market and conduct a detailed analysis of their business
    3. Potential pricing
    4. Potential distribution channels

Click Market Analysis Questionnaire Handout

  1. Design a research data toolkit or portfolio that contains various resources (websites, journals, free sites, trade associations, etc.) specifically for your product. Below is an example of how you might want to design your toolkit. It includes two websites for the restaurant industry. Once identified I recommend including a brief descriptor easier to referencing.Marketing SitesDescriptor (for your reference)
  • A minimum of 12 resources should be identified. You may include resources from the industry and competitive analysis. Also, the internal and external checklist sheet could be used as a framework for your toolkit. As always presentation counts.
  • Resource: Guide to Writing a Killer Marketing Plan Preview the document– Start at Section 2: Analysis and Competition


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