With the resources specific to the MSN specialization and the, Walden University.

With the resources specific to the MSN specialization and the, Walden University. (n.d.). Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), shared in this module, write a paragraph or make a Nursing Specialty Comparison table, comparing at least two nursing specialties that include your selected specialization and second-preferred specialization.
Write a 2- to 3-paragraph justification statement identifying your reasons for choosing your MSN specialization. Incorporate feedback you received from colleagues in this Module’s Discussion forum.
Identify the professional organization related to your chosen specialization for this Assignment, and explain how you can become an active member of this organization.



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Nursing speciality refers to the pursuit of certification of a particular field on nursing. The choice of a nursing speciality is driven by a person’s passion towards doing something. Examples of nursing specialities include but not limited to nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse, nurse anaesthetist, nurse educator, and informatics nurse. My favourite nursing speciality is a neonatal nurse who deals with the provision of care to mothers as they give birth and offer any further attention after the process. In this paper, I will make a comparison between neonatal nurses and nurse-midwives which is my second preferred option. The two specialities are more or less similar because they both provide care to mothers during their pregnancies and even after they give birth. However, neonatal nurses show more concern to the health of the mother and development of the baby, compared to the nurse midwives, whose primary focus is on the mother alone. Apart from the care for pregnant and labouring mothers, nurse midwives also perform critical functions in the recovery of other patients, including reproductive exams, wellness care and family planning services (Yang, Attanasio, & Kozhimannil, 2016). Neonatal nurses, on the other hand, can work in both maternity wards and mother-baby nurseries. Most importantly, neonatal nurses possess the skills and qualifications to work…


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