“Why should people learn social skills of other cultures?”

“Why should people learn social skills of other cultures?” “Why should people learn science of other cultures?” “Why should people learn literature of other cultures?” and “Why should people learn knowledge of other cultures?”



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People should learn social skills of other cultures so that they can appreciate and relate well with others. Social skills explain how society conducts its business and the motives behind their behaviors (Borelli and Federico 53). Understanding the social skills of others help one to notice and comprehend other people’s vocal inflection, speech, eye contact, body language, and cultural behaviors. Being able to interpret what others communicate help the learner to recognize and manager their own reactions and emotions. With proper understanding of other’s culture, the learner can easily communicate and react through gestures, speech, and body language. Moreover, learning the social skills improves the way people relate with others socially. A positive relationship between people promotes peaceful co-existence, which is desirable.

Science of other cultures

Science provides evidence-based background regarding the nature, role, and principles that govern other cultures. The discovery process permits people to connect isolated facts into comprehensive and coherent understandings of the real world. Science provides a way of appreciating what is in the world and how different things work currently, worked in the past, as well as how things are likely to behave in the future. Understanding the science of other cultures assists people to get a scientific explanation of the behaviors demonstrated by other communities (Hogan-Garcia 61). Scientific knowledge is considered factual because it can be verified. The knowledge acquired from science is reliable and powerful and it can be utilized to develop novel technologies, and deal with numerous other sorts of challenges. Science continuously refines and expands human knowledge of the world, and as it does, it occasions fresh queries for future investigation. As such, learning the science of others provide concrete evidence that even the other cultures are special and important in their own away, thereby promoting peace.

Literature of other cultures Learning the literature of others provides two major benefits. First, literature is educative. It explains the way of life of a given community. Literature should be perceived as a communicative and social system. This broad concept allows for empirical description of things performed by different communities. Culture serves as the…


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