What are social, behavioral, and cultural determinants?

What are social, behavioral, and cultural determinants? How do social, behavioral, and cultural determinants impact public health? Present specific examples within your answer as well as justifying your rationale with evidence. Respond to three other class members’ posts specifically peer-reviewing their answers.

There are numerous factors that influence public health and these are known as “determinants of health”. According to World Health Organization (2019), the question of whether a person is healthy or not is a factor determined by his or her circumstance and environments. Factors like where an individual live, state of the environments, genes, educational attainment, socio-economic status and personal relationships have considerable implications on public health (WHO, 2019). One of the major determinants of healthy is biology and genes. Most people assume that their health is a product of their genetic makeup. However, there are also determinants that are influenced by the outside factors such as social, behavioral and cultural determinants. Behavioral…


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Very wealthy or influential public figures (such as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates) have become major funders in the global health arena, providing millions to developing countries and/or international organizations. How do you think this will influence the future of public health? What benefits and challenges may develop?

Public health is a very important construct in society the reason why influential people such as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates have chosen to support public health promotion initiatives. Gates not only support local public health but also international initiatives. Through his foundation, Gates is changing how the international community addresses global health concerns through “The Bill and Melinda..


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