– What approaches would you use for evaluation and planning in retail organizations? Explain.

The process of evaluation and planning is very important for retail organization. What is most important for such organizations is how to come up with xxx sales and marketing strategies and the most appropriate supply chain management strategy to be considered. There are many xxx that retail organizations ought to embrace in their evaluation and planning xxx.

The first evaluation and xxx strategy is balancing the store inventory which xxx that there is enough stock that can meet the demands of its clients. If goods are unknowingly out of stock, it xxx difficult to maintain some of the most xxx customers. It is also important to keep a balance xxx then need to have marketing as well as financial gain xxx marketing strategies may bring. As a matter of fact, xxx and mortar organizations may xxx need a lot of marketing.


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Another strategy that I can use is xxx there is a proper sales xxx. This team is to be evaluated on whether they possess the skills that are meant for undertaking sales. The sales team xxx be able to provide a customer with value for what they buy. The strategy has to xxx that the sales team has to undertake multiple sales. There is a power in having a great xxx team, it is therefore important that the team is meant to xxx that it is from such sales that xxx are derived. It is therefore an important strategy to evaluate the personnel working for the retail organization. Another evaluation and planning strategy is to use technology by integrating tools such as social media. The more the xxx of followers in the social media platforms the better.  Technology can be used as good marketing platforms as they are cheap with a bigger platform to cover.


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