Week 6 Assignment: Alarm Systems

Assignment Instructions

Week 6 Assignment: Alarm Systems


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There is a great deal of debate and controversy surrounding the ability of loss prevention tools and technologies to deter retail theft. Fueling this controversy is the notion that despite increased spending on loss prevention tools and technologies, retail theft continues to increase. For this assignment:

Instructions: Write a 5-8 page paper (this total includes the Title Page and the Reference Page) which address five of the following:

1. Security Personnel:
Door monitors
Armed security
Plain clothes investigators
Store detectives
2. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):
Public View Monitors
Exception Based Report/CCTV Interface
3. Exception Based Reporting
4. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS):
Hard tag
Dye markers
Source tags
5. Merchandise Lock ups:
Lock cabinets
Chains/cable locks
Security Hooks
Intelligent Displays
6. Mirrors
7. Point of Sale Activation
9. Posting Signs


Alarm Systems

The contemporary society has advanced in terms of technology and innovations. Modern business people are using technology tools to curb crime. Appliances like detection systems, computers, closed-circuit televisions, fabricated doors, and monitors are being used to form a defense against theft. The loss of valuable items has emerged to be a persistent challenge that affects any retail organization. The retail environment has developed to be more complicated with the occurrence of different retail networks and transiting consumer behaviors. Various tools can be effective if they are used appropriately in loss prevention.  Some of these tools include use of security personnel, Closed Circuit Television, exception based reporting, Electronic Article Surveillance, and merchandise lock ups.

Security Personnel This involves the utilization of armed security, store detectives, plain clothes investigators, and deployment of door monitors. Using qualified security individuals to control losses is considered to be an effective loss prevention method. However, it can also be the most expensive one. Large organizations mostly use security personnel who operate underdeveloped security departments. They are mainly responsible for managing and implementing an organization’s loss prevention control functions. The store detectives, plain clothes’ investigators, and armed security personnel help to s…


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