Virtual Historical Site Reflective Analysis

Go on an online virtual tour of the source 1 below United States historical site to examine the historical significance of the place / people visited virtually and to do a self-reflective analysis on how the virtual tour and the place visited impacted oneself and the history of the United States.

Source 1:


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Watch Historical Virtual Tour:

Source 2:

Text file is attached as a pdf file. The citation information of the attached source is Shi, David, America: The Essential Learning Edition, W.W. Norton: Second Edition, Volume II from 1865 (2018) ISBN: 978-0-393-61661-3

The writing must include specific examples from the video AND the added pdf file.

The writing must be in a journal format analysis of 500 to 750 words, you will reflect and answer the following “3 levels” of self-reflection and historical insights as like you are a college student.  

Make sure to address all the questions below:

Level 1The Mirror: Reflection of the self, the self becomes clearer
This level of reflection helps you to understand yourself and your personal values. It helps you begin to see how your historical experience helped you learn more about particular aspects of yourself. (Provide specific examples)

  • What have I learned about myself through this virtual experience?
  • How has this experience challenged my preexisting assumptions or biases?
  • How will this experience change the way I act or think in the future?
  • How has this experience challenged me, my ideals, philosophies, or my concept of life or the way I live?

Level 2: The Microscope: Make the small experience large
This level of refection helps you understand the impact that this person and/or place has had on you individually and on U.S. history as a whole. It allows you to reflect on specific historical events that occurred, your perspectives of them, and their broader impact. (Provide specific examples)

  • What happened today for me throughout this virtual experience?  
  • What happened for those historical individuals or events in history at that time period?
  • What would I change about this historical situation / place if I was in charge, and why?
  • Do I feel that place or person(s) actions had any impact historically? On whom?
  • Does this experience compliment or contrast with what I learn about history? How?

Level 3: The Binoculars: The distant becomes closer
This level of reflection helps you identify larger issues that surround yourself and history. It can expand your understanding, vision, of causes effects and historical impacts and can help you envision your future career. (Provide specific examples)

  • What did I learn from this virtual experience as a whole?
  • How can I apply this knowledge to other parts of my life?
  • What are my views on the history now? How have they changed?
  • How will this experience alter my future behaviors/attitudes/and career plans?


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