View both videos, take notes and be prepared to participate in a discussion after this assignment

View both videos, take notes and be prepared to participate in a discussion after this assignment! The response to each question should be thoughtful and thorough (aim for about 250 words for each response). 

· Your answers need to be in complete sentences, paragraph format with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.; so be certain to proof-read what you write! 


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· When you are responding to questions in History details and evidence are critical. Your responses should include specific details and examples from the films and / or the readings in your 2 books. They are your evidence to back up the more general statements you will be making! 

· For this assignment you may ONLY use the assigned videos and your 2 books (“Liberty” and “Voices”)

If you are attaching a document (instead of copying or directly typing in your response) remember it MUST be in a Word document or something compatible with Word (.rtf. docx, pdf etc.). If you send me a .pdf I can access it, but I will be unable to make comments on your assignment. If you are unsure how to convert a document, ask Google! ???? 

I. First you need to view two (2) short videos: 

a. The Origin of Race in America: 


b. Why Did Europeans Enslave Africans? 


II. Then, following the guidelines in the directions above, answer the following questions:

a. Discuss both how and why the concept of race changed in the 17th and 18th Centuries. 

b. Identify and discuss the significance of the relationship between the Enlightenment and definition of “race”.

c. When and why did colonists in the Americas turn to Africa as a source of enslaved labor? (Think of ALL the Americas for this question)

d. In what way(s) did the slavery practiced in the Americas (again think ALL the Americas!) differ from early forms of slavery?


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