Transition into the Professional Nursing Role:

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1) Introduction

The transition from a student to a professional nurse is an important process in the life of a nurse. In most cases, the transition is characterized by uncertainty, anxiety, and excitement. It is at this point that fresh graduates encounter a complete reality shock. The first step in the transition process is securing the first job, which is followed by the processes of transitioning from a newly registered nurse to an experienced caregiver (Chang & Daly, 2016). All in all, there are steps and strategies that can help one transition from a novice to a proficient nurse.

2) Transition into the Professional Nursing Role Generally, the successful transition to a secure, compassionate, and competent working environment hugely depends on the interaction between various components including regulations, academic qualifications, employers, the newly licensed nurse and the experienced nurses (Chang & Daly, 2016). In almost every state