To what extend should the schools be responsible for teaching sex education?

To what extend should the schools be responsible for teaching sex education?

I agree with your discussion that sex education is crucial both in schools and at home, and parents and schools should be responsible. Parents should be free to discuss sexual matters with their kids from an early age to help them overcome some youthful challenges. Moreover, sex education should be introduced in schools where learners interact and can easily trace sex partners. Unfortunately, schools shallowly lean more on abstinence and relationships, leaving behind other concerns that sex education should handle. However, you should note that sex education should cover various things like gender identity, information about puberty, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, reproduction, abstinence, and how to prevent sexual violence. Therefore, guardians and schools should invest a lot of effort to educate children on how to approach sex issues.


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To what extent should sex education be left to parents?

Parents should consider sex education as part of basic requirements of a child.  I also agree with you that parents are the key players in sex education and should spend more time with children at all ages educating them on sexuality matters. Parents ought to create a friendly and free environment for their kids to enable them to share their sexuality issues and make inquiries where possible. A friendly parent wins the trust of a child thus making the kid to share even the confidential information about sex. Therefore, parents should be able to conduct sex education at all extents such as topic-wise depending on the age of the child.

Who should handle eduaction about STD\’S?

I agree with your challenge to parents that they need to be informed and knowledgeable on sex education. The knowledge is useful in answering children’s concerns on sexuality, and handling issues raised by children on sexually transmitted diseases. You have suggested research as way parents can use to acquiring information. Parents can utilize online and mobile technology to access more information about guiding their children, and communicate effectively with their children (Aventin et al., 2020). Therefore, parents should be very free to discuss sexual matters with their children since they are the ones who can effectively handle sex education.

However, you have not focused much on how schools can promote sex education. Schools promote formal education which is planned at the state or national levels by curriculum developers. Many states’ curriculums do not support sex education as a subject but are covered under other subjects. Education systems should incorporate nationwide programs that support comprehensive sexuality education, and include sex education content in the curriculum to be implemented by teachers (Zulu et al., 2019). Therefore, teachers should also possess parental attributes since they play similar roles in promoting sex education.


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