This week you will assemble your work into one comprehensive management report to the client.


This week you will assemble your work into one comprehensive management report to the client. The report should include all work from the previous six weeks. When compiling your work into one report for this assignment, do NOT condense the report. The report should include the entire body of work you have completed for the first six weeks of this class. Add an introduction to tell the client what you studied and a conclusion to tell the client your conclusions.


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The simplest way to do your Week Seven report is to set up your document and add to the report each week as you complete your weekly papers.

You can copy and paste your weekly paper into your Week Seven document but be certain to write a transition paragraph at the beginning of each of the sections so that the Week Seven report flows properly.

You also should copy and paste all of your references into the Week Seven document each week.

You can use section titles and subtitles to make your report more visually appealing and facilitate communicating your message.


Week 1 – Problem Identification

The contemporary business environment is dynamic. There is intensive competition affecting companies in both local and global markets due to changes that occur frequently. The increased client demands compel businesses to change both the internal and external operations to satisfy the client’s requirements as well as to meet the ever-changing market dynamics. Zogjani and Raçi (2015) determine that the process of organizational change is to fulfil long-term objectives, which is the need for continuous development in the business environment as well as in the contemporary universal economy (Zogjani & Raçi, 2015). Therefore, managing organizational change in the business setting is a critical process. The organization’s management aims to maintain the process of planning and to implement changes successfully. This involves dealing with employee resistance during organizational changes as well as using minimal budgets during changes.

Organizational changes are implemented to improve an organization’s productivity in the business environment. Changes can occur in both the internal and external parts of an organization. These changes include operational changes, such as mission changes and strategies changes. There are also structural changes such as technological changes, communicational changes, management changes and behavioural changes. The impact of organizational towards employee performance is evaluated to determine the results which are rated to be either negative or positive. Some of the short-term and long-term impacts of organizational change include the creation of new opportunities, increased effectiveness, improved client relationships, improved organizational innovations and improved employee outlooks and determination (Joseph, 2019). Organizational changes enable employees to generate….


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