This case study analysis will be based on the 35 case studies in your textbook (page 540-541).

This case study analysis will be based on the 35 case studies in your textbook (page 540-541). You are to pick ONE (1) of the companies from your text. Choose a company different from the company you used for the week five paper. You may not have two papers about the same company.

Read the case study and answer the following questions in your paper.


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1. Assess the effectiveness of your company’s leadership.

While the concepts of leadership are assumed to be universal across many industry players, the truth of the matter is that every organization operates under different leadership strategies supposedly effective to the specific organization. The xxx effective the xxx of leadership xxx to xxx stakeholders, the xxx it is for …

2. Discuss the basis of your company’s competitive advantage and the potential challenges to its strategy.

As mentioned before, there are many other telecommunication players in the world. It is, however, what a company does/ offers and the way of doing it that makes a company stand out. Competitive advantage implies the ability to make profits as compared to the average industry players. The basis of Vodafone’s xxx includes its ability to xxx Geographical portfolio. The company is xxx to have xxx mobile telecommunication xxx in some of the xxx countries

3. What growth strategies might your company pursue?

According to Nick Read, who is the new chief executive for Vodafone, many expansion strategies are being considered…


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