Strategy Formulation

Write a 1,000-word report on the company you selected in Week 3, following up on the Individual Assignment of Week 3 (Environmental Scanning), and address the following:

Establish Long-term Goals and Objectives


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Wal-Mart instituted deliberate objectives at the beginning of 2016 that it seeks to achieve by the year 2025. The goals, as presented by CEO Doug McMillion are founded on the need for increased trust and transparency on the business practices. Among the most notable targets set out in 2016 include the goals…

Strategy Formulation.

Indicate the markets that the company will pursue.

Specify the unique value the company will offer in the selected markets.

Discuss the resources and capabilities that are required.

Analyze how the company will capture value and sustain competitive advantage over time.

Business Management Strategy

Consider Cost and Differentiation Advantages.

Describe the Corporate Strategy.

Investigate Vertical Integration.

Describe Strategic Alliances.

Detail the Company Competitive Advantage.

Generate an Organizational Chart of the company you selected.


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